FROZEN7 Decadent Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream is revolutionizing the ice cream market. We create all-natural, farm-to-table, ice cream for the next generation! At minus 321 degrees Fahrenheit, the Nitrogen is an extremely cold liquid, but at room temperature, it evaporates into a mysterious cool cloud that can be touched and experienced by everyone!

We offer indulgent, hand-crafted, signature flavors. We make the ice cream in front of you while you watch! No more eating ice cream that has been sitting in a freezer for weeks or months. Ice cream made by the Liquid Nitrogen process virtually eliminates the ice crystals that form in traditional ice cream, thereby creating the freshest, creamiest ice cream on the planet! It also very entertaining to watch the Liquid Nitrogen Cloud created during the process.

We use only the freshest, and highest quality, all-natural ingredients, sourced from our local farms and dairies. We love to support ‘Local’! We use 100% Organic Ice Cream Base from cows that graze on Organically grown feed and pastures on farms along the California Coast. No Antibotics – No Hormones.

FROZEN7 promises to deliver a superior ice cream, and customer experience like no other. We are committed to putting a smile on the faces of all our guests with our Decadent ice cream, modern, energizing store, charismatic staff, and Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Show! Come visit us for an experience you will never forget!